Local celebrity featured in documentary Mr. Gold

You have seen him in his gold suit hat and mask for several years on east colonial drive,
Mr. Gold has become some what of a fixture in Orange county. But things are changing mostly for his good, wesh 2 news Gail Paschall-Brown tells us when this icon is coming to a short film near you.

You have seen the gold man wave his hand and tip his hat with much bends Jose Melendez, has been the human billboard for the diamond exchange for more than four and a half years.
But now his reign is coming to an end because the diamond exchange on east colonial drive in Orlando is closing. “This is where I started off. And they treat me like I’m their son. It is sad but I have new employment and I’m happy with it. And I’m never gonna forget this place.” said Melendez

Melendez is a 21 time felon he has been in state and federal prison for drugs,18 months after his release, he couldn’t find a job, Until Virginia and Jim Rodriguez gave him a second chance at the Diamond Exchange. “I just came to work and gave them 100%, and this is what happened if you give 100%.” Melendez added.“He is a kind of staple in Orlando, a local celebrity.

Everybody is talking like “I love him”.” Brian Carlson (Filmmaker) said Jose is so inspiring, Brian featured him in a documentary “Mr. Gold” it is a story of hope and second chances. “I want people to see that there is hope and redemption and, you know, a bad decision isn’t the end of your life.” Carlson added. The documentary featured in this week’s Florida Film Festival at the NCI.

“I think, the most memorable thing about being Mr. Gold is, was talking one day and this lady told me her son who never talks is going to therapy right now, everytime he sees me the first things he say is “Mom there goes Mr. Gold”. Melendez said. Jose hopes his story will inspire others, “They trusted him so much and in the morning he would come in and count diamonds and rubies and jewels for them and do inventory and set up tens of thousands.

If not, hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory.” Carlson added. “I wanted to open up a landscape business because I wanted to get the opportunity to ex-felons to give them a job. Just like they gave me opportunity.” Melendez added. in Orange county, Gail Paschall-Brown Wesh 2 news.

Jennifer Lopez Fabulous Life

Enter the world of J Lo. A place one knows the price tag is too pricey. No luxury too luxurious. And where, only the best is good enough. From mind-boggling material possessions to the wonderful places she visits. To the devoted people who serve. Jen has everything. We are going to show you exactly how she spends not cached and how many million she makes. After all she’s on stage this is the fabulous life of Jennifer Lopez. Crème de la Mer is the world’s most expensive face creams. Invented by nasa scientist each batch is made with sea kelp, hand-picked during specific times at the lunar cycle, through it for months and subjected to sound in lightweight in Sydney. The cost for 16 ounce bottle on thousand dollars j lo is loves this stuff. It does not suck being the biggest star in showbiz from breakfast to bets on Jennifer’s life is filled with the absolute best have everything. From the food she eats to the exotic places she visits. To the first class to pamper and she just seems.

Starting with her enormous entourage, when you are on a successful is J lo. You need anything done, you have got someone on the payroll to do it. First, I have personal assistants to stop it is to be at Jen’s back in cold. And that is just the beginning. Insiders say J Lo has drivers to take you wherever she wants to go, a stylist by her clothes, personal chefs, a yoga teacher and bodyguards. She is been spotted with after twenty of them. J lo has someone from practically everything. This photo taken on the Saturday video looks like Jen was having high nipple twist. J lo is people say she does not employ a nipple Tweaked, but she certainly does have a own tweaked meet this one. Susan Ciminelli is available when Jen needs a comic tune up. More power more power does not come cheap the costs a house call from Susan a thousand dollars. And that maintenance is performed by the dream team of the beauty industry. Most celeb died to get an appointment with any one of them. Superstar Jennifer implausible, her hair is cut by one of the world’s greatest Oribe.

J Lo has been cut her hair before her wedding cost of such a service 15 grams. Coasted J Lo free. For hair coloring Jen has used this woman, Rita hazan. Hair calories for the likes of Elizabeth Hurley and Britney Spears and for hair make up Jen use this match Scott Barnes makeup artist. And despite her beauty teams, prestige. Another member of that rapid deployment team is this woman. Anastasia is one of the world’s foremost eyebrow waxes and today she’s dropping everything and flying 3,000 miles for one purpose J those eyebrows. VIP treatment comes standard for pops ultimate VIP and she gets it the most exclusive places in the world. In Miami Jennifer has dined at South Beach is Pearl restaurant. And J lo does not even drink. In LA, Jen get such Alana the ultra-trendy Mr. Chow.

Part 1/3 Danny Joe – Celebrity Trainer and Bodybuilder Documentary

They’re the most perfectly developed physiques humanly possible we call them bodybuilders, Danny Joe continues on in the battle against his limits to become one of the greatest bodybuilders in the world. Early in the morning Danny starts his days at the gym, people come here to work out some come to lose weight everyone has a different reason for most of them working out is a hobby, but for Danny a gym is a serious where he trains hard for his dreams.

Danny Joe sayd, I’m competing in Amatour World Champion Ship, in August 1st and a convention center it’s a natural body competition from a Staward Free, there’s gonna be pretty top but I’m gonna I’ll try my best to get that title and don’t represent for an American people as well. Danny warms up for the day, warming up friend is actually is a hard core work out for regular gym go. Finally starts his muscle training a true battle begins, for prior to competition it is crucial that he maintains its muscle mass and strength his training sessions are most intense these days.Just watching in training will make your mouth dropping off with this is only the begin, Danny is using the forty pound weights to start his work out.

One must endure this battle against oneself for many hours a day in order to earn the title the best, you have to be alone success in five that’s the hardest part thing you know by myself. In Danny enter the world of bodybuilding at age 20 he won first place in the Mr. and Miss of Los Angeles naturally June this year learning is to get to go pro, this was a great feat after six years of training. Today is a very important day for Danny America’s foremost fitness guru Lorenzo Kaspar training countless bodybuilders around the world for will be working with Danny on is posing its good posing and flexing is a great advantage for the body builder posing itself is a competition in our that highlights your muscles.

The lawyer respect more at it there more laps good relax so in a hostile side to side that’s it, agents hoping to sign Danny are also here today adding onto the excitement, Danny really get looks bigger looks for who has eased out more to get more more tired shredded for the competition coming up he looks like that it needed last competition for its allegiance huge fart with huge the truth is that being a Beijing to send often means lack of height and mass which makes it difficult to find an agent in the US apart and he has found his chance.

Joe says, Just like the Danny has very unique look, very unique body And love to actually taken from where he is now and build him up to be a superstar, and he has a capability to be a superstar. There’s a lot we can do in with large DVD’s and vitamins supplements dreams commercials even machines own name and to make it into the French this one that’s what we wanna do. Danny Joe has a special guests visiting at his own studio he recently opened, how are you Josh have man good theodore has been a while yeah I georgia was the one who recommended that Danny become a trainer. Danny became a trainer and a famous American fitness center center train. Yeah like the place, you do?Danny one most to the regional competitions held in california as he continued winning competitions the demand for his personal training rose and now he’s opened fitness center.

I’m finally got this you know her, okay like that like that really that’s my oh that’s my real writing yeah they copied yeah. see do in 20 that fuss pronouncing therefore down cleanup cables you can you everything this no we can put national Olympic bar on response agency agent monospace like this you know because this clearly a seven on different equipment put it all together. I think Voice did a great job love this you know. One Day I approached him about can become a personal trainer and at first he he was you know focus on school he really want to go ahead and get into the field it is is doing it for fun, so I had to kind of that talk him into taking taken a position and from there it is started taking off once members on it he became a trainer yet over clientele everybody I’m which are best for Dany say Hi, say bye and he just became so popular that I just need is gonna be great as he decided to take on a career.

can always locking flex hardly any of his clients quit in between training sessions cereal with a locking his elbow the slow slow slow slow slow push Okay, yeah slow slow slow slow, push push .As a training you really have to know the pietnce much one can go home on candle this is so easy, I mean it’s easy for me but then known for first time in his hard so I try to understand from their perspective their pain and know what they’re going through and then just try to tell them you know look, Chris here’s the progress and then here’s what will happen. If you just keep 27 Danny is also a nutritionist his knowledge in nutrition helps in train is clients in a scientific and efficient way, on the nutrition part is really important because without nutrition there is no point a loss weight with you can there’s no way.

Tony says, nutritional he knows what he’s talking about because I ask a question you know right and there are 20 so on as a trainer that’s very important to be able to answer all the questions quickly and precisely and that’s what he does for me. If you have a hamburger, eat half of it, if you going to have ice cream eat half. I still work there so you don’t have to go crazy because you can’t have a hamburger you know just have it but then just control the portion you know right, you know moderation so. I want my client enjoy their life and then still be able to have a that. Yes, since I enjoy my life I think I’m more successful. Korean movie star Young Han showed off his chiselled figure in GI Joe Rise of Cobra. Actor Brian Tea is also known for his muscular figure who also receives training from Danny.

Street Kings: Keanu Reeves Exclusive Interview

Tell us about the old. I play detective tom Ludlow who is in unit called by special. Who is implicated and the death his ex-partner, and as he is trying to discover and apprehend the killers takes up a little more them he was Park for. He is a cop who has a strong sense of right and wrong I guess. Who does a couple things wrong that kind fighting. I have control; well he is a little hard headed. So he’s you know he is really driven, but in his violence some people would say that this is out of control. I think that it is some, it comes from an accurate play set was really important us to us to try and have in authenticity. Especially some other language and behaviorally, but it is an exaggeration in the kind of reality.

I had some. It was important to the director and to me to have a facility with the weapons that I use. And I got to speak with some LAPD officers, and kind they were very generous with kind of sharing their work and life. How that works to me, so I really can’t listen to them internalized. The challenges of the job and did some fighting. Some the director wanted me to get used to violence. He is really a unique actors, got a unique voice, and the intensity, and intelligence to his work and very generous. And you know, being in the moment with him is quite exciting. You know he is really something, it is quite force, it was great to get to perform with him.

Yeah, I do some stuff that is probably not by the book. But it would be right for the job. Like I talk to this one guy and yeah and you have to bash some heads once in a while. But it is now right, really easily. Yeah, okay his sense would have to get their mind. Right, so you are not can talk. Because they always say is he is always like you. You have to remember, my gain is always bigger than your gain. You know what I mean.