Jennifer Lopez Fabulous Life

Enter the world of J Lo. A place one knows the price tag is too pricey. No luxury too luxurious. And where, only the best is good enough. From mind-boggling material possessions to the wonderful places she visits. To the devoted people who serve. Jen has everything. We are going to show you exactly how she spends not cached and how many million she makes. After all she’s on stage this is the fabulous life of Jennifer Lopez. Crème de la Mer is the world’s most expensive face creams. Invented by nasa scientist each batch is made with sea kelp, hand-picked during specific times at the lunar cycle, through it for months and subjected to sound in lightweight in Sydney. The cost for 16 ounce bottle on thousand dollars j lo is loves this stuff. It does not suck being the biggest star in showbiz from breakfast to bets on Jennifer’s life is filled with the absolute best have everything. From the food she eats to the exotic places she visits. To the first class to pamper and she just seems.

Starting with her enormous entourage, when you are on a successful is J lo. You need anything done, you have got someone on the payroll to do it. First, I have personal assistants to stop it is to be at Jen’s back in cold. And that is just the beginning. Insiders say J Lo has drivers to take you wherever she wants to go, a stylist by her clothes, personal chefs, a yoga teacher and bodyguards. She is been spotted with after twenty of them. J lo has someone from practically everything. This photo taken on the Saturday video looks like Jen was having high nipple twist. J lo is people say she does not employ a nipple Tweaked, but she certainly does have a own tweaked meet this one. Susan Ciminelli is available when Jen needs a comic tune up. More power more power does not come cheap the costs a house call from Susan a thousand dollars. And that maintenance is performed by the dream team of the beauty industry. Most celeb died to get an appointment with any one of them. Superstar Jennifer implausible, her hair is cut by one of the world’s greatest Oribe.

J Lo has been cut her hair before her wedding cost of such a service 15 grams. Coasted J Lo free. For hair coloring Jen has used this woman, Rita hazan. Hair calories for the likes of Elizabeth Hurley and Britney Spears and for hair make up Jen use this match Scott Barnes makeup artist. And despite her beauty teams, prestige. Another member of that rapid deployment team is this woman. Anastasia is one of the world’s foremost eyebrow waxes and today she’s dropping everything and flying 3,000 miles for one purpose J those eyebrows. VIP treatment comes standard for pops ultimate VIP and she gets it the most exclusive places in the world. In Miami Jennifer has dined at South Beach is Pearl restaurant. And J lo does not even drink. In LA, Jen get such Alana the ultra-trendy Mr. Chow.