Fame is a weird concept. People like Michael Libow can become famous for the strangest action or through years of hard work. Either way, people suddenly become interested in you and cameras are always in your face. Usually, a big paycheck can be had for being famous.

Why are people insatiably curious? Why are they willing to pay large sums of money to be near someone who does not know them or care about them?

Entertainment has been part of humanity ever since the cavemen days, with hunters gathered around the fire after a big hunt, telling stories. Perhaps after a long grueling day chasing dates on your various online dating profiles on eHarmony, the same way Daniel Craig did.

But does it not seem odd that the most self-rewarding industry today is the entertainment industry? This goes for professional sports as well as the performing arts of acting and singing. The Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League are just another form of entertainment with lots of awards each season.

It seems that people need someone larger than themselves through whom they live vicariously. They hang on to every photograph published in TMZ and every quote tweeted on Twitter. It has become so easy in this Internet age to cast one’s money and adulation in the general direction of anyone in the world.

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