Street Kings: Keanu Reeves Exclusive Interview

Tell us about the old. I play detective tom Ludlow who is in unit called by special. Who is implicated and the death his ex-partner, and as he is trying to discover and apprehend the killers takes up a little more them he was Park for. He is a cop who has a strong sense of right and wrong I guess. Who does a couple things wrong that kind fighting. I have control; well he is a little hard headed. So he’s you know he is really driven, but in his violence some people would say that this is out of control. I think that it is some, it comes from an accurate play set was really important us to us to try and have in authenticity. Especially some other language and behaviorally, but it is an exaggeration in the kind of reality.

I had some. It was important to the director and to me to have a facility with the weapons that I use. And I got to speak with some LAPD officers, and kind they were very generous with kind of sharing their work and life. How that works to me, so I really can’t listen to them internalized. The challenges of the job and did some fighting. Some the director wanted me to get used to violence. He is really a unique actors, got a unique voice, and the intensity, and intelligence to his work and very generous. And you know, being in the moment with him is quite exciting. You know he is really something, it is quite force, it was great to get to perform with him.

Yeah, I do some stuff that is probably not by the book. But it would be right for the job. Like I talk to this one guy and yeah and you have to bash some heads once in a while. But it is now right, really easily. Yeah, okay his sense would have to get their mind. Right, so you are not can talk. Because they always say is he is always like you. You have to remember, my gain is always bigger than your gain. You know what I mean.